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Community and political benefit nights

Benefit nights have always been a regular part of the evening entertainment programme at Chats Palace, reflecting both national and local concerns of the day. The group of posters shown here promote events for local projects (Victoria Park Adventure Playground, About Turn Enterprises), issues of concern to local communities (Trevor Monerville Campaign, Sickle Cell) and international campaigns of the day (Anti-Apartheid).

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Political benefits-1

Political benefits-9

Political benefits-4

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Happy New Year

Newsletter front

What has been done so far?

We started the weekly blog in September. It has been well received, with an average of 30 people viewing it daily. Many social history and local organisations have been extremely supportive:  

What is Chats Palace? is a great new website covering the history of the venue
The Radical History of Hackney”

…This archive is a real treat and a true part of East London’s design heritage…
Rob Alderson from “It’s nice that”

…The images will fascinate social observers, illustrating not just alternative society advertising styles but reflecting local political and social issues of the time…
David Altheer from “Loving Dalston”

Whilst a wide range of people have contributed stories and anecdotes…

…It (The Chambermaids) was an epic, joyful production…participants told me how good it was to be involved in something that was about people like them. Anyway, fond memories and I’ve still got the t-shirt, fading now, but…Kathleen

…I often reflect upon how getting involved in directing and writing at a young age has helped me transfer my skills on many different levels. The urgency to support and empower women and artists in the local community was totally needed but very rewarding…Iesha

…These are marvellous. What a nice Friday surprise. I remember some of those gigs. Brilliant. Thanks so much for making me smile today…Lesley


coming up in 2013

archival footage on super 8 and VHS
articles and artwork covering Music Hall, International Women’s Day, Senior Citizens, Carnival
interviews with the founders of Chats Palace and community activists