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1977/2012 – Street party celebrations

As the Sex Pistols ‘God Save The Queen’ reached number two in the British pop singles chart in June 1977 the nation geared up for a massive cultural celebration.

For the newly established Chats Palace, the local Queen’s Silver Jubilee parties offered an opportunity to make links with the many tenants associations on the surrounding housing estates. The Chats art workers formed a site decoration service to assist with the festivities.

Many of the pictures shown here are from the Priory Court estate on Brooksby’s Walk, Clapton Park and the streets leading down to Hackney Marshes.

Interesting to compare Alan May’s image of the party trestle table and bunting with the more celebrated one taken by Martin Parr on the same day up in Elland in West Yorkshire. 35 years on and the flags and bunting were again out on Chatsworth Road earlier this summer as the Queen proved to be more resilient than 35mm analogue photography!

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