Hackney background and Chats Palace related stories

Origins of Chats Palace
Adapted from ‘Community Art an Anthropological Perspective’ by Kate Crehan, 2011

Chats: The People’s Palace in Red Pepper magazine
As Chats Palace celebrates its 40th anniversary, Red Pepper takes a look through the arts centre’s photographic archives (Jan 2016 issue)

Memories of Chatsworth road
Mike Gray, Brian Walker, Alan Rossiter and Bob Lee remember Chatsworth road

Mike Gray’s obituary
Mike was a lifelong community activist and animateur, the first Chair of Chats Palace and will be most remembered for his leading role in saving Sutton House

Hackney Marsh Fun Festival
Brian Walker recalls the spirit of the festival, the carnival, the procession, the community

Chats Music and Cabaret
A list of many well known music and cabaret artists who have performed down the years at Chats Palace

Gary Horsman on Music and Cabaret at Chats Palace
The view from behind the sound-desk

Jazz at Chats and in London
Mike Gray, Brian Walker, Alan Rossiter and Alan May remember Jazz nights at Chats and in London

Dave Fox on Mike Gray and Chats Theatre Workshop

Kim Bennett on Silkscreen and Textiles workshops at Chats Palace

Brian Walker on Chats Palace Music Hall

Dalston Photo Story
‘Dalston vs Thatcher’ by photographer Alan Denney

Hackney Vandal Patrol, 1976
Short film showing something of the social conditions experienced by young people in Homerton in the mid 1970s

A blast from the past! – The Guy with the Saxophone
Hackney Peace Mural – how many local characters can you recognise?

Hackney Museum oral history project
Interview with Ken Worpole, member of the original Centerprise

Do you remember going to Chats Palace for drama workshops in the 1970s? Did you attend cabaret, musicals or variety shows in the 1980s? Trade union meetings, theatre productions, music gigs, carnivals, festivals… Have your children attended performances recently?

Did you or one of your neighbours come here when it was a Library, before the times of Chats Palace?

We are building an archive of interviews, audio and video of people’s memories of Chats Palace and the Library.
Please get in touch if you have a story to share!