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Slides from the attic – 1980s Hackney

A small selection of 35mm transparencies showing the Hackney Marsh Fun Festival and other outdoor community events and parades in the Homerton, Chatsworth Road and Clapton area, from the early early 1980’s.

The photos feature some banners and floats from longstanding community projects still operating today such as the Homerton Grove Adventure Playground and The Pedro Club.

Also fleeting glimpses of a couple of public houses now long gone, The Golden Shoe and The Clapton Park Tavern.

The original Chatsworth Road market can be seen in full operation. Look out for Carringtons bakery where the original ovens were literally underneath Chatsworth Road and the shop assistant sported the perfect jet black 1960’s beehive hairdo.

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Summer playschemes 1980 and 2012

Since the early days of Chats Palace, annual summer playschemes were popular with the local community (run in conjunction with the Homerton Grove Adventure Playground). Over 30 years later, Lauren Mills, a Homerton born and bred choreographer and founder of BYB arts organisation, coordinates a team of volunteers to run an affordable playscheme at Chats Palace throughout the summer holidays.

© Chats Palace

© Chats Palace

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