A Day in the Life

Another Image and Text photographic panel series, probably from the mid 80’s after Kate Kelly had moved on from Chats Palace. These panels were laminated and have survived in particularly good condition.

At the centre.

I started doing photography at Chats a long time ago, in October, and I enjoy doing it. I’m going to carry on in the autumn.

This is Chats. Its me with Sue – she’s mixing chemicals.

My mum – she’s a smiler. She’s lovely and a good friend to me. She’s a very strong person. She’s the only one I’ve trusted.

This is Homerton Training Centre. I started going there when I was sixteen and I go there five days a week. Sometimes I do work, sometimes when there isn’t work we sit and talk. I get an allowance of sixteen pounds a week. We have outings and holidays. Sometimes I play bingo. In this picture they’re doing packing. The woman on the left is the Deputy, Sam.

Tracy – she’s a good friend of mine and we have fun together and make jokes. She’s putting elastic round the card.

This is the jumble sale – getting ready for the opening. This is Elizabeth and that’s Beverley in the middle and Terry. Elizabeth is a strong woman, she is one of my teachers – we do cooking on Tuesdays. She smokes like a trooper! I’ve know Elizabeth a long time – she knows my family. Beverley, she is a nice person – friendly and a nice person to talk to. We makes jokes together, rude ones! She’s the only one who’s independent who goes to the Centre. Terry, her attitude is the same as Elizabeth. She smokes like a trooper too. She’s married with two children – a daughter Katie and a son Jason. Jason’s my boyfriend – he’s gorgeous!