Senior BEEs

Senior BEEs at Chats Palace, September 2013 (photo by Karen Elmes)

Fragile Archivist hosted a visit from Senior BEEs, a group of people aged between 65 and 85 living in and around Hackney and interested in architecture and heritage. Here is what Karen Elmes, Lifelong Learning Officer from The Building Exploratory had to say:

“I’d like to say a very big thank you for such a wonderful visit last week, the Senior BEEs loved both Chats Palace and the presentation, it was such a great way to tell the story of Chats. The photographs and films were so evocative (I was thinking about them for the rest of the day) and a really good prompt for people’s memories – whether or not they’d lived in the area.”

Gillian (Senior BEEs): “A visit to Chats Palace is always a treat and, nowadays, with new bus routes in and out of Homerton Hospital, it is easily accessible. I have been a fan of Chats Palace since the 1980s. The hosts are always welcoming and the exhibitions always very well-presented. Coming back to 2014, it was just great to sit with others of my age and go down “Memory Lane”. Added to that is the knowledge that there are collected archives to substantiate our memories. My favourite exhibition of all time was one of photographs of Traveller children. I enjoy all the photographs too about festivals in Hackney ‘back in the day’ which celebrate Hackney as a diverse borough full of families and community life. We lived that experience then and are always delighted to be included in presentations about our lives.”