Hackney Flashers Exposed

As part of the Photomonth festival Fragile Archivists hosted the Hackney Flashers Exposed event, which marked the 40th anniversary of the group beginning to work together as a collective. Hackney Flashers members Maggie Murray, Michael Ann Mullen, Julia Vellacott, Sally Greenhill, Liz Heron and Jini Rawlings spoke about their experiences of working as a collective in the 1970s. The members of the collective spoke about the controversy in the collective about  displaying their agitprop work in an art establishment institution (the Hayward Gallery) as part of a major exhibition in 1979.

Around 80 people attended and had a lively discussion about current and past activism and creativity. There was much discussion about where movements against sexism and for social change are going now and a sense that more needs to be done to bring together the experience of those from different generations. Some of those present included representatives of Spare Rib magazine collective, Feminist Review Collective, Sheba Feminist Publishers, Virago, Format Photographers, as well as representatives from the current groups – ODL (LGB&T over 50s in Camden), WAD (Women Against Discrimination), Justice for Domestic Workers, Showroom Gallery, Women and Health in Camden, the Tate Archive, the Belfast Feminist Network, and Women’s Grid online resource. (text by Angela Stapleford, photos by Asya Gefter)

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