Fun Palace

To celebrate Joan Littlewood’s 100th birthday anniversary, Chats Palace took part in the nationwide weekend of Fun Palaces on October 4, 2014. Fragile Archivists showed a wide range of historical and modern footage and talked about the origins of Chats Palace. Read more

Martin Goodrich, co-founder of the Free Form Arts Trust, remembers:

Screenings of historical and modern footage

Fragile Archivists @ Chats Palace

Saturday 4th October

2pm: Somewhere in Hackney, 1980 by Ron Orders (50.10′)

11am – 12pm, 12pm – 1pm and 3pm – 4pm: short clips of archival footage and snippets from interviews with the founders of Chats Palace, community artists and local residents

Martin Goodrich, co-founder of Free Form, on Joan Littlewood and Stratford Fair (4′)
The King, the Mayor and the Community Artist (2.59′ + 2.42′)
Hackney Marsh Fun Festival 1977 montage (2.33′ + 1.10′)
Reminiscence about the 1981 Christmas show, Bluebeard (2.27′)
Kevin Jones on Brian Walker (3.59′)
Alan Rossiter on poster and mural (0.45′)
Phil Sawyer and Martin Goodrich on Mike Gray (1.13′)
Kate Kelly on question of authorship from the 1980s perspective (1.30′)
David Corio about the reggae and blues club scene in the 1970/80s Hackney (1.50′)
Trailer of archives footage – work in progress: (5.51′)
BBC films researched by Chris Dorley-Brown during his residence at the BBC (17′)
One Sunday over the Lea (2.51′)
Poet tree – Loud minority (6′)