Steve Latner on art in Hackney

Hackney born artist and teacher Steve Latner discusses the development of local arts facilities over the last 30 years:

Steve Latner on art in Hackney:

Steve Latner by Peter Young, 2012

From his early experience of attending Punk gigs in the Chats bar in 1976/77, Steve immersed himself in the youth and adult drama groups of Hoxton Hall run by Margret Shepherd in the 1980’s, then returned to Chats Palace in the 90’s to study batik and silk screen printing with Kim Bennett.

Steve Latner on Citizen Smith and fax machine printing:

Steve went on to run the Cinestasia short film festival and was a founder member of Photo Studio East who celebrate their 10th anniversary early next year with an exhibition of Hackney portraiture at Chats Palace.

Wayne Campbell – Long term voluntary cleaner at Chats Palace and part of an ‘A to Z of Hackney Portraits’ by Photo Studio East