The Wonderful Palace of Nod

One of the oldest pictures we’ve found so far is this Free Form Art Trust group shot, taken around Christmas 1977, during the production of the Christmas panto ‘The Wonderful Palace of Nod’. Look out for the full selection of Chats Christmas show posters in the near future.

The story of Free Form and its involvement with community arts in Hackney is admirably told in Kate Crehan’s book ‘Community arts: an anthropological perspective’. Kate, an academic at City University of New York is also a long-time friend of two of the organisations’ founders.

© Mike Gray/Chats Palace
Back row: Alex Carr, Kelly Harvey, Joyce (?)
Standing middle row: Steve Simmons, Hazel Goldman, Cilla Baines, Heather Macadam, Barbara Wheeler-Early (with baby), Martin Goodrich, Karen Merkel, Alan May, Felicity Harvest
Seated front row: Rod Brookes (with Zoot the dog), Graham Downes (with Harry the dog), Liz Hocking

If you happen to know anyone in the photo, please ask them to get in touch with us.